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Entry #3

Song burst,

2010-05-16 13:51:42 by imaginelife

Hooray! Today i actually take the time to make a post. Celebrate! *does a little dance*

Okay, first of all, about a million songs are about to be released! Me and Boy503 have been hard at work making song, and right after this post i plan to call him!

Ah, wait, I ran out things to say. Wait! I know!

Look down! Cool, for now i guess.
And if youre reading this and theres nothing (which i doubt it, considering nobody reads this), I'm uploading right now. So please wait.

And yes, I know this is the crappiest post ever. So what? The old post was ages old.

*EDIT* Ah, I'm a liar. Just look for something new


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